African Moba Collection - Moba Shrine Figure #4

African Moba Shrine Figure

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African Moba Shrine Figure 

Traditionally Moba (Tchitcheri) figures stood as sentinels in front of Togo homes and village entrances, smaller ones  placed on intimate family altars, providing protection. These could only be carved by individuals whose fathers were diviners, the carving considered a highly delicate operation, requiring special prayers and precautions for these ritually charged objects. 

This is a weathered piece with a huge, rounded head, evidence of long exposure, and substantial erosion from the elements, though now stable. Pieces of this size, age and quality have become difficult to source in the field or international market.

Now on a custom museum stand, not illustrated.

Weight approximately: 22.7kg. / 50lbs.
Height: 122cm. / 48in.
Width: 30.5cm. / 12in.