Santa Fe, Objects of Art Show, Select Works

Wilson Tasaquaptewa
Corn & Rain
Jacqueline Pitman
Alice and the Lamas

Jacqueline Pitman 
Watching Time, The Hare and the Maori Warriors
Ernest Garthwaite
Shoshone Spirit Rapids #1

Ted  Tokio Tanaka
Vertical Composition 
Ted Tokio Tanaka
Untitled #1
Alex Harris
Las Vegas, New Mexico, Looking East from Myles Sweeney's Chevrolet Impala, July 1987
Jimmy Pike
Man in the Desert

Jimmy Pike
Falling Star IV

Field Garthwaite
Keep it Easy

Field Garthwaite
Primary One

Mississippi Culture Bowl of Black Steatite, Repaired in Antiquity
Columbia River Stone Bowl with Scalloped Rim
Hopi Suitcase and Woven Strap
Navajo Weaving Kit
Admiralty Islands Beaded Loincloth
 Pueblo Dance Panel, Early 20th Century
Apache Dance Bells

Sioux Pouch