1996-2006 THE TEN THATS


The Ten Thats (pronounced "tots") is a theory meant to account for and simplify an understanding of the hundreds of Ragas in North Indian Classical music.

A large amount of knowledge and reflection on Indian Classical music is contained within the piece. It is also inextricably imbued with ancient Indian spiritual teachings.
One row of the work reads "And this too is Shiva (God). Indeed, this too is Shiva."
This is a work representing more than ten years of thought and application by Haag.

Embroidery cotton, lace and Appleton wool, string cotton, gold and silver thread on gray 22 mesh canvas. Continental stitch in all four directions, plus embroidered accents.

Dimensions: 11 in. x 14.25 in. / 27.94 cm. x 36.20 cm. 

Approximately 77,000 stitches.


This piece is sold as part of the Haag Needlepoint Collection