Tukra means "little piece." The musical Tukra that inspired this set of tabla covers was one of the first Indian Classical music tabla compositions Haag learned to play, this signaling a new direction in her "musical" needlepoints. For the first time Haag stitched the bols in Sanskrit, giving visual representation to sounds and their sequences.

Baya (left drum) cover:  Single strand Persian wool, double strand Appleton wool on 18 mesh canvas.

Dimensions: 11.13 in. x 11.13 in. / 28.27 cm. x 28.27 cm. 

Approximately 40,100 stitches. 

Tabla (or Daya, right drum) cover: Single strand Persian Wool, double strand Appleton wool, and rayon on 18 mesh canvas. Continental stitch in all four directions.

Dimensions: 6.36 in. x 6.36 in. / 16.15 cm. x 16.15 cm. 

Approximately 13,168 stitches. 


This piece is sold as part of the Haag Needlepoint Collection