Collection: Stone Lithic and Early Man Tools

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Libyan Glass Aterian Point
Greenstone Pre-Columbian Mace Head
Knobbed French Handaxe
Acheulean Double Mask Handaxe
Extremely Large Lower Paleolithic Handaxe, Sahara
Neolithic Saharan Stone with Engravings
Large Stone Bowl California Indian
Native American Steatite Bowl
Lower Paleolithic Triangular Mask Handaxe, England
Lower Paleolithic Handaxe with Quartz Micro Crystals
Zoomorphic English Borer/ Chopper
Very Large Garonne Chopper, Lower Paleolithic
Mississippi Culture Bowl of Black Steatite, Repaired in Antiquity
Zoomorphic S. English Handaxe #1
Massive Garonne, France Lower Paleolithic Chopper
Steatite Stone Lantern California Native American