We are pleased to bring you the newest episode in our Conversations with Artists series.

Alex Harris' photographic work recently opened in a landmark exhibit at the Getty Museum show, "A Revolutionary Project: Cuba from Evans to Now". Harris' 18 large scale photographs are featured alongside those of Walker Evans, and two other contemporary photographers (May 17-October 2, 2011).

Harris, a founder of the Center for Documentary Photographic Studies at Duke University, has had 14 books of photographs published. These include such pioneering works as The First and Last Eskimos (1978);  River of Traps: A Village Life (1990); Red White and Blue and God Bless You (1992);  and The Idea of Cuba (2007). His next book Why We Are Here, a collaboration with famed biologist E.O. Wilson will be published later this year.
We were delighted to welcome Harris to our new downtown gallery space, and have the opportunity to converse with him about the beginnings of his photography, his recollections of Walker Evans, and his present and future work. We were particularly honored to have Harris as our first video conversation from our new space .