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In the previous episode of our Conversations with Artists series, we engaged with Dr. Uri Herscher, founder of the Skirball Cultural Center in the permanent exhibit "Noah's Ark". Continuing this two part series, we chat with others who play vital roles at the Skirball.

The Skirball Cultural Center in Brentwood, California is the largest Jewish cultural institution in North America, but its scope and mission is far broader than any description can convey. The Skirball explores the interplay of American democratic ideals and 4,000 years of Jewish heritage. Its core exhibits provide an inspiring collection of Judaica and celebrates the place that Jews have found in the fabric of American life. Changing exhibits cover an astonishing range of art and cultural life from Bob Dylan, to Freud, to the photographers of the American Civil Rights movement, to the heroes of 9/11, to Jewish comic book illustrators, to countless other imaginative subjects. The outdoor music Sunset Concert series attracts musicians and audiences from around the world.

We are very pleased to share with you time spent in the company of some of the inspiring individuals animating the present Skirball.

We hope you will enjoy this newest adventure as much as we have.

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Conversations with Artists: Dr. Robert Kirschner, Museum Director, the Skirball Cultural Center



Dr. Robert Kirschner, Museum Director at the Skirball, is responsible for mounting some of the most creative exhibits in the international museum world.

Bob Dylan, Freud, Einstein, American comic book illustrators, photographers of the American Civil Rights Movement, heroes of 9/11, all of these disparate subjects and many more have been amongst the changing exhibits at the Skirball. Trained as a Rabbi; an author and a talented amateur musician, Kirschner brings a dynamic and creative temperament to the Skirball's exhibitions.

The Skirball's exhibits have won world wide claim for both their interactivity and the degree to which they appeal to persons of all ages and backgrounds. 

Here Dr. Kirschner chats with us about a few of the Skirball's exhibits, and gives us a sense of how they fit into the Skirball's philosophy.


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