Conversations with Artists: Artists of the Sea  

The word "artist" has many meanings. It encompasses persons practicing the fine arts, including sculpture, painting and the performing arts. It also applies to those whose life work exhibits a living aesthetic and exceptional skills.

In earlier Conversations with Artists, MB Abram Galleries had the pleasure of spending time in the company of Los Angeles based artist Ted Tokio Tanaka, creator of the LAX lighted pylons (click here), and with Seattle based artist Jan Haag, creator of the Haag needlepoint collection (click here).

In June, the MB Abram Galleries team traveled to East New Orleans, Louisiana to meet with a different sort of artists. These artists ply the seas, displaying finesse, determination, and a remarkable ability to adapt. Many possess a lineage of experience on a different continent stretching back generations, and employ unique and beautiful tools.

In our first two episodes, respected elder Mr. Mai Van Tran shared with us the ancient art of fishing as practiced in his day on the Vietnamese coast, and shrimp boat captain and musician Trong "Mickey" Nguyen brought us up to date on contemporary practices. In episode III, published today, we benefit from the wisdom of Father Luke, and the generous spirit of the staff and parishioners of Mary Queen of Vietnam Church in East New Orleans. We are grateful to Father Luke and others who so kindly and graciously shared their knowledge and insights with us.

To accompany our Conversations with Artists of the Seas, Episode III, we feel privileged to bring you the rare water work lithographs of June Wayne. Additionally we are today presenting art and artifacts from around the world inspired by water and its mysteries. Please also take a look at the extraordinary new portable sculptures of Vietnamese born artist Ma Bien Aimee, several of these works modeled by beautiful women of East New Orleans.