The Lost Films of Jim Vaseff, a.k.a. the Genius of Soden Street

Jim Vaseff a.k.a. the Genius of Soden Street, worked as a photo journalist for the Harvard Independent at its founding in 1968, and took an architecture degree in Boston in the early 1970's. An underground legend who peregrinated on his 1943 BSA-M20 motorcycle, he returned to Cambridge in the 80's as a Loeb Fellow in Advanced Environmental Studies at the Harvard Graduate School of Design. From his current base in Georgia and North Carolina, Vaseff assists developing countries with water, energy, agriculture, learning, transportation, and health issues.



MB Abram Galleries is proud to present for the first time several of Vaseff's film studies 1968-1970, thought until the present to have been lost forever. 
All films copyright 2013 Jim Vaseff
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