This work was inspired by a picture of the South Galactic Pole. The silver/white spots in the blue are not our stars, but other galaxies as seen in a "hole" in our galaxy near the South Galactic Pole. The patterns in the blue sky and first red border are inspired by themes referenced in Haag's KALACHAKRA needlepoint work. Like the page of an ancient manuscript, PALIMPSEST reminds us that many of Haag's complex motifs layer over previous ones.

Haag notes: "As I worked with the Sanskrit syllables (in Devanagari), many questions about the complexity of the musical bols were answered, e.g. the similarity of the form of the dha and dhin as syllables (the former struck -- for the theka -- on kinar and the latter struck on sur) is like their similarity as tabla strokes; the differentiation between dhin (played on sur) and din (played on gaab) is represented as entirely different syllables. Thus, the subtlety of differentiation in the pronunciation of Sanskrit, accurately rendered in Devanagari (but not in transliterated English), is reflected in the drum bols."

Single strand Persian wool, double strand Appleton wool, gold, silver and silk thread on 18 mesh canvas. Continental stitch in all four directions.

Dimensions: 17 in x 12.25 in. / 43.18 cm. x 31.12 cm. 

Approximately 67,473 stitches, 424 stitches per square inch. 


This Piece is sold as part of the Haag Needlepoint Collection