Ex. Pacific Asia Museum, Pasadena, CA

This collection previously deacquisitioned from the Pacific Asia Museum and offered exclusively presently by MB Abram Galleries in collaboration with Dimondstein Tribal Arts.

The Pacific Asian Museum, in Pasadena, California is one of only four U.S. institutions dedicated to the arts and culture of Asia and the Pacific Islands.The museum's historic building has served as a center for art, culture and learning since its construction in 1924 by pioneering collector, American Indian basket dealer, and entrepreneur Grace Nicholson (1877-1948) as her residence, galleries, and Treasure House. Ms. Nicholson's championing of Asian art early in the century set the tone for much of the Pasadena community's arts-related activities during the ensuing decades. The building also served as the site of the Pasadena Art Museum, which was renowned for its groundbreaking exhibitions of contemporary art.

The collection of African art presented here is authentic, quality art, but is outside the central mission of the Pacific Asian Museum, focused as it is on the culture of Asia. The museum's deaccession of this material some years ago, and only now available on the market, represents a special opportunity for the collector of African material.

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